Date: March 20, 2013

Author: Artisan

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Safari Bride Gift

No…This did not come from a tribe in the safari. This was the first jewelry set where I made it all from the custom handmade polymer clay beads to ALL the wire work including the toggle clasps and ear wires. This was inspired by my friend Deb who, upon finding a jewelry book at Costco, suggested that I do wire work.

FEB_Frog Eye Beads_Kimberly Pedersen_Safari_Bride_GiftI decided to go from Costco straight to my jewelry suppliers at the time (i.e. JoAnn Fabric and Micheals) and purchase the supplies necessary to ‘try’ wire work. I loved doing it! I incorporated the wire work in with the beads from the Safari line of beads and this was the result!

This set was a bridal gift to a friend of mine, Rawa. I remember being very nervous giving the jewelry to her, I was not sure how it would be received. Just before the party I met up with yet another friend, Chris. I showed her my jewelry (and the owner of the coffee shop we were at), as well as the set for Rawa. Even still I was nervous. Once Rawa opened her gift everyone was impressed – and I was relieved. The validation of my abilities was beginning to grow.

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