BM0 (200)

$10.00 Brass Wire with Beige Marbled stone (BM0)
BM1 (200)

$10.00 Gold Tone Wire w/ Amber Diamond Dangle bookmark (BM1)
BM2 (200)

$10.00 Brown Wire w/ Carved Wood Beads Bookmark (BM2)
BM3 (200)

$11.00 Brown Wire w/ Sun bead & Wood dangle bookmark (BM3)
BM4 (200)

$11.00 Copper Wire with Indian Look Heishi dangles (BM4)
BM5 (200)

$12.00 Red Wire w/ Milifore Lentil glass beads (BM5)
BM6 (200)

$11.00 (BM6) Sold!
BM7 (200)

$11.00 Black Wire w/ Iridescent Crystals bookmark (BM7)
BM8 (200)

$12.00 Copper Wire w/ Suede & Metal Tassel bookmark (BM8)
BM9 (200)

$11.00 Gold Tone Wire w/ Wire Wrapped Orange Veined Stone bookmark (BM9)
BM10 (200)

$11.00 Gold Tone Wire with Leopard Lentil beads bookmark (BM10)
BM11 - 200

$11.00 Red Wire with Iridescent Beads bookmark (BM11)

BM13 (200)

$10.00 (BM13) Sold!
BM14 (200)

$10.00 Brass Wire w/ Yellow and marbled red beads (BM14)
BM15 (200)

$11.00 (BM15) Sold!
BMPC0 (200)

$20.00 Pam Lowe bead dangle w/ Swarovski crystals bookmark or hat pin (BMPC0)
BMPC1 (200)

$20.00 Smiles bead line w/ rainbow seed & hearts on Silver Tone Wire (BMPC1)
BMPC2 (200)

$20.00 Indian Fiesta bead bookmark or hat pin (BMPC2)
BM12 (200)

$11.00 Brass Wire w/gold tone wire wrapped Red bead and green seed beads (BM12)